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Irish School of Herbal Medicine - Living Food Instructor

Living Food Instructor


The Living Food Instructor Course is a professional training designed to teach students  the principles of raw vegan nutrition. On completion of the programme participants will be able to teach living food preparation classes of their own. The course will demonstrate a variety of dishes and recipes that the students can use for this purpose. There will be online support and students will have access to the online library of the school. This course spans a semester. (Dates below)


Practical Classes

  • What is Living Food?
  • How to fill your life with meaningful sources of energy
  • How eating vital food raises your vibration and puts you more in touch with the planet and other people
  • How to transition to a raw food diet
  • Planning and delivering tasty meals everyday
  • How to prepare delicious alternatives to your regular foods
  • Why is wheatgrass so special?
  • Why is a revolutionary lifestyle allied to cutting edge health care?
  • How to sprout a wide variety of grains, legumes, seeds and nuts?
  • How to successfully grow wheatgrass in a cold climate
  • How to prepare wonderful, tasty and satisfying meals for family and friends
  • Living food ‘on the run’. Quick, no fuss meals for busy people
  • Launching your career as a living food instructor
  • Incorporating feedback into your classes
  • Regulation around health and hygiene
  • How to reach and teach a wider audience - clubs, schools, therapy centres, community groups etc
  • The spirituality of living food
  • The difficulty faced on giving up addictive toxic foods
  • Growing to love high vibrational food



Online Course Content

The fundamentals of nutrition

What living foods contain high sources of protein, calcium, minerals and vitamins

Approaching dietary change for health in the context of natural healing as a way of life

The importance of pure air, water and sunlight



The online content of the course is written by a number of experts including Brian Clement and refers to works by John Ray Christopher and others. See academic team page for detailed information about our tutors.

The practical living food preparation days are delivered by a team of Living Food Instructors, Herbalists and Chefs. 

This year's teachers are Donna Fisher, Anne Shelly-Lacey and Veronica O'Reilly.


Course Start Date

February 2020

Chia Pudding



Course fees are €950.


Application Procedure

To register for a place on the course applicants should telephone the school at +353 (0)57 8682567 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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