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Irish School of Herbal Medicine - Reflexology Diploma

Reflexology Diploma


Reflexology is one of the most effective and powerful therapies. The human body is a fascinating system which left without interference tends always toward perfect health and rejuvenation. Reflexology assists the process of natural healing removing blockages and increasing the flow of energy and blood circulation in the whole body.

A reflexologist needs to be sensitive, and have a natural feeling for hands on therapy and bodywork. He or she must also be well taught using a very specific technique.


The Practical Reflexology Classes

The practical aspect of the course covers how to give a reflexology treatment in sequence introducing all the reflex points on the feet. Students also learn reflexology technique as applied to specific areas of the feet for the healing of conditions such as asthma, psoriasis, headache, constipation and others. The practical classes take place over nine Saturdays at the school in Portlaoise. The course also offers clear and extensive video lessons to support the student in practising the techniques covered during the classes.


The Theory of Reflexology

The theory aspect of the course is unique in that we look at all aspects of the restoration of health including the emotional and life style related aspects of recovery.

Symptoms often manifest as a result of imbalance on both the spiritual and physical levels. Dietary habits which are not conducive to health are often linked to these imbalances. Alongside reflexology theory and anatomy and physiology, nutrition is a major component of the course as are the principles and practice of natural healing.


The Duration of the Course

The duration of the course is approximately fourteen months from the start date and students use the last two months to complete their case studies.


Online Support

The extensive online library featuring many podcasts and videcasts alongside more traditional text based material such as electronic books and journals makes access to learning material easier. The student website is also committed to constant text based group discussion in online forums. This helps the student to feel part of the larger academic community and to be in touch with other students on a daily basis.


Qualification and Professional Practice

The course is designed to prepare the student for professional practice as a reflexologist who approaches the patient from a very holistic point of view taking into account all aspects of the patient's lifestyle and its impact on his or her health. On successful completion of the course and examination students receive a Diploma in Reflexology from The Irish School of Herbal Medicine. Graduates are then eligible to apply for professional indemnity with OBF insurance.




Study fees are €1,500 per year for the full training. 


Application Procedure

To register for a place on the course applicants should first arrange an interview with the Course Director. Places are allocated based on this interview/discussion during which students can also have further questions answered.


Application Form

To download and print Application Form click here. The form should be filled in and either scanned and emailed or posted to the School's address. The form can also be completed during the visit to the school for the interview.


Start Date

February 2020 



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